How to Get Blogger Post URL like WordPress URL

How to Get Blogger Post URL like WordPress URL 

Want to create a URL for your Blogger posts that looks like a WordPress post?

If so, you've come to the right place.

Today, I'll give a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove the date from the URL of a Blogger post.

So stick with me till the end to learn more in depth.

How to Get Blogger Post URL like WordPress URL

Every time we produce a post on Blogger, it will include the date it was published. The snapshot of the standard Blogger post URL is shown below.

However, when you create a post on WordPress, the URL is entirely different and does not include the date or.html extension.

Compared to the Blogger default Post URL, the WordPress post URL appears more professional. 

That is why I advise everyone to use this approach to remove the date from the URL of a Blogger post if they have newly created a blog on the platform. Your Blogger blog will become as professional as WordPress as a result.

Read How to Create A Blog For Free and How to Earn Money With Blogging before continuing.

Blogger's permalinks are automatically produced, but you may also manually create them; in any case, the date will be present.

However, using this technique, you may exclude the date from every post, and even in a future post, the date will not be there.

Benefits of removing the date from the URL of a blogger post

How to Remove Date From Blogger Post URL or how do I remove date from blogger permalink is a common search keyword used by all bloggers.

First, allow me to list some advantages of removing the date from a blogger post's URL.

  1. Your material will become evergreen if you remove the date from Blogger blog posts.
  2. Gives your blog posts professional permalinks.
  3. Visitors won't be informed of the post's publication date.
  4. Search Engine Result Pages aid in better ranking.
  5. Your blog post's URL should be brief.
  6. Your blog article will appear more professional as a result.

Cons of removing the date from a blogger post's URL

It's a good idea to remove the date from posts' URLs, but only for new bloggers who have just begun blogs on Blogger.

If you already have a popular Blogger blog and your blog entries are appearing in search engine result pages from Google.

Therefore, you shouldn't change the Posts URL at all.

because your blog's SEO will be negatively impacted. Read more here about what SEO is and how it functions.

Please allow me to clarify.

If any of your blog entries were to receive a Google ranking with a date in the URL, you could use this approach to delete the date.

Steps For How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL 


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