How to Find Competitor Backlinks in 2023? 5 Easy Steps

 5 Easy Steps to Find Competitor Backlinks in 2023

To increase the visibility of your content, find competition backlinks and grab them. Why? You must get to Google's highly sought-after first search result.

There are 90 percent of all visitors to that first page. The remaining 10% of traffic is up for grabs among the remainder of the search results.

5 Easy Steps to Find Competitor Backlinks in 2023

While most marketers are aware of the value of using SEO (search engine optimization) content marketing to accomplish this, many make the fatal mistake of ignoring the significance of backlinking.

As vital as content marketing is backlinking The two most crucial search rankings elements are backlinking and content marketing, although both have equal weight Nevertheless, 95% of websites have no backlinks.

Finding out which referring websites your rivals are using to manipulate the search rankings can help you build your backlink strategy.

Want to develop a strong backlink strategy but don't know where to look for rival backlinks?

Continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial on how to identify competitor backlinks and assess their value for your SEO plan.

Competitor backlinking: What is it?

One of the best SEO strategies for getting that top Google search result is building backlinks. see more here: how to create a SEO strategy for 2023

But how can you be certain that you're outperforming your rivals?

You investigate their connection method and replace it. Backlinking by competitors is the term for this.

In order to determine the standards for the sorts, quality, and quantity of backlinks you require, one SEO tactic is to examine the backlinks of rival websites.

This aids in the development of a stronger and more successful link-building strategy for your own website.

The best way to develop links is to contact potential referral sites.

You'll have a better understanding of the more potent referral websites by looking at the backlinks of your competitors.

How to Find Competitor Backlinks in 2023? 5 Easy Steps

  1. Choose Your Primary Keywords
  2. Choose Your Primary Competitors
  3. Use a backlink checker tool to examine your competitors at the domain level.
  4. Investigate competitors at the page level using a backlink analysis tool.
  5. Analyze Keywords with Similar Semantics

1. Choose Your Primary Keywords

Knowing your rivals' strategies can help you identify who they are.

Target keywords are essential to a solid SEO strategy when it comes to ranking well on search engines. The companies with backlink profiles that are almost identical to yours will be your key rivals.

You need to be aware of every target keyword that affects your search engine visibility in order to identify these direct rivals.

Even though you may be aware of the keywords you've incorporated directly into your SEO plan, it's a good idea to utilize a keyword tool to discover which other keywords are most frequently used on your website.

To do a keyword analysis on your website, use a tool like Ubersuggest, Spyfu, or Morningscore.

The keyword tool asks for your website's URL and then returns a list of the top keywords along with their rankings and search volume.

The best place to start is with the top-performing keywords, so make a note of them. Pushing an item up from ninth to second position will gain you more visibility than moving it up from thirty to twenty.

Make use of these terms as a starting point. You may identify rivals by using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ask The Public, and Free Keyword Planner Tool - Forbes
 to locate relevant keywords.

2. Choose Your Primary Competitors

Find out who your key rivals are now. These are the top performers who compete with you for your desired search phrases on Google.

Start by conducting a Google "related search".

You will be shown all websites with content on your themes by doing this.

the following in the search field:

Associated: [your website URL]

Some of your domain-level rivals' websites can be found by conducting a relevant search.

Using Spyfu is another technique to locate domain-level rivals

Spyfu is another technique to locate domain-level rivals

When you enter your website's URL into Spyfy and select the "Competitors" option, a list of linked websites will appear.

The SEO tool will also display the number of keywords you share and how much these websites overlap with your own.

Do a keyword search after that for each target term.

Note which pages are most competitive on each search engine results page (SERP).

You'll notice that specific websites keep coming up. These should be included on your list of domain-level rivals.

Competitors at the page level, albeit they only compete for one or two emphasis keywords, are equally significant.

Beware. Stay away from tailored searches.

Because they deliver results depending on your queries, personalized searches will distort the results you receive on each SERP. You will receive different results from the typical searcher because your queries are probably tied to the content of your own website.

You must change the URL of your SERP to prevent a customised search.

3. Use a backlink checker tool to examine your competitors at the domain level.

You may investigate the connecting domains that point to your domain-level rivals using a backlink checker.

These are your main competitors, therefore you should find out which of their referring websites is most successful before stealing it.

Even though SEMRush and Ahrefs both have many valuable capabilities, you must pay to utilize their backlink analysis tool.  free backlinks analysis tool from forbes : click here 

Even if MozLink Explorer has a premium feature, you may still examine the best backlinks of your rivals without paying a penny. This backlink tool is an excellent place to start since you're only really interested with the backlinks that perform the best.

You can examine each site's domain authority on the list of connecting domains. High domain authority websites are beneficial for referring inbound links since Google values, trusts, and respects these sources.

Check the spam score of the domain that is linked. Features on websites with a high spam score are forbidden by Google. The backlink's efficacy is lowered as a result.

A better backlink would be Entrepreneur.com rather than feedburner.com, for instance. Feedburner has a 50% spam score despite having a domain authority that is three points greater than Feedburner's.

You want to find out which websites are referring back to many of your rivals.

4. Investigate competitors at the page level using a backlink analysis tool.

Although your site's page-level rivals don't directly compete with you, their individual articles have the power to dethrone you from first place and capture 90% of your organic traffic.

One of the greatest free tools for examining the link profiles of your page-level rivals is Neil Patel's Ubersuggest.

A page-level competitor backlink analysis on Ubersuggest is done as follows:

Search your own website with the Ubersuggest keyword tool by arforbes.com. This will provide a list of your site's top keywords.

you can use the tool for free: Forbes Keyword Research Tool

Forbes Keyword Research Tool

The top competing pages for each target keyword are displayed in the table on the right when you click on each target keyword.

The websites that don't often compete for the same target market or provide the same services are your page-level rivals.

To examine the backlinks for each article individually in the table of backlink competitors

To view the pages with the greatest authority, you may filter the hyperlinks based on domain authority. You may also use the 'last seen' column to arrange the results to determine which pages have been sending visitors most lately.

Try to locate the sweet spot. These websites have lately been referring traffic and have strong domain authority rankings.

Create a spreadsheet with the findings after exporting the CVS for each article.

To determine which referral pages are used repeatedly, repeat the same process for each rival page and compare the results.

5. Analyze Keywords with Similar Semantics

You should look at semantically similar keywords once you've gone through all of your top keywords. Because of their somewhat different SEO strategies from yours, some of your rivals may not show up when you search for their unique top key phrases.

Search for each of your top keywords using the same SEO tool as previously. The top sites using terms with comparable semantic meanings will be shown.

Understanding Competitor Backlinks

Backlinks are not created equally.

You need high-quality backlinks from reliable sources if you want to offer real value to your link development plan.

Similar to this, you must ensure that you're taking advantage of backlink chances effectively if you want to get the most out of your own link development strategies.

Here are a few basic strategies for examining the backlinks of your competition.

How to Finding Your Competitors Backlinks VIDEO TUTORIAL 

Backlink Strength

Although number matters, excellent quality backlinks will benefit you more.

In addition to having more organic traffic, good quality backlinks typically have a greater domain authority. This implies that your search engine rankings will rise as a result of these websites showing up higher in Google.

Avoid forums and spammy blogs while checking the backlinks of your competition.

Look for reliable media outlets, significant thought leaders, and well-known blogs that are relevant to your sector.

Find referrers with plenty of organic traffic, recent content, and high domain authority and page authority ratings.

It's also a good idea to pick referring pages with a ton of backlinks of your own. More clicks for you will result from more referrals to your referring page.{alertsuccess}

Placement of Backlinks

Note the locations of the backlinks in each article.

Consider it logically. Which links in an article are you most likely to click?

Some links are extremely prominent, showing up above the fold or next to interesting material. Some people are being slow to respond in the footer or at the end of the post.

If you're considering prospects for links but the website wants your anchor text to be hidden within the text or surrounded by other links, go on to another opportunity since that one is a dud.

It's also a good idea to pick referring pages with a ton of backlinks of your own. More clicks for you will result from more referrals to your referring page.{alertsuccess}

Relevance of Backlinks

Regardless of the topic of the site, many attempt to increase the number of backlinks by purchasing links on referring websites.

Your finest backlinks should be placed on websites with pertinent material because your audience is far more likely to click on an informative link.

Look for backlink chances where your content or product may offer the item the visitor is reading with more assistance. A reader will click on a link if they believe it will lead to further information.{alertsuccess}


Now that you know how to uncover competitor backlinks, you need to start thinking about how you'll use them into your own SEO strategy.

But keep in mind that not all backlinks are worthwhile.

To choose reference sites that are pertinent to your product or service and convey knowledge and authority to your audience, thoroughly examine each backlink. Spending a lot of time on weak points is not something you want to do.

Speak with the USERP team if you need assistance developing a strong link strategy that utilizes strong competition backlinks. After all, we are specialists in developing backlinking plans.

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