Best Free Arabic Keyword Research tools in (2023)

Free Arabic SEO Keywords SERP Tools

Find the Best Arabic Keyword Research Tools to help you find the right keywords to get more traffic.

Unfortunately, in order to conduct proper Arabic keyword research Tools for Arabic websites, you must go manual, investigate the SERP, see what Google is already rewarding and try to reverse engineer your Arabic website accordingly.

install Keywords Everywhere plugin, to get a better understanding of what keywords are trending? and people also searched for Keyword Research Tools in Arabic language below the page, you must approach the term from all angles.

Arabic SEO Keywords SERP Tools

WebSurfer: Keyword Surfer is a completely free plugin that displays search volume directly in Google search results. 

SEO Minion: assists you with everyday SEO activities such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview, and others.

In addition, one of the greatest Arabic keyword research tactics is right in the search bar; simply begin typing letter by letter.

Check and study the keyword suggestions you are receiving; Google provides variations of each phrase according on search traffic; nevertheless, we are not recommending that you exclusively target high volume Arabic keywords.

Unless your Arabic website has a high authority in comparison to your rivals, don't fight for short-tailed keywords head-on; instead, select simpler terms and grow your authority and interaction with long-tailed phrases.

Google Arabic Keyword Planner 

Another useful tool is Google's own keyword planner, which is free if you run paid ads and is improving day by day as more Arabic searches occur. 

Google's machine learning algorithms are tracing all searches occurring on its platform, but the figures are still rough estimates, for example, the keyword "SEO Company Germany arforbes tech" would have a higher volume than "SEO Agency Bocholt," where "SEO Agency Bocholt" or "SEO Company Germany arforbes" would have less than 10 searches per month.

It's still good to keep both keywords in mind, especially because SEO Agency has a higher conversion rate, as SEO business searches are mostly done by job seekers, whereas potential clients look for SEO Agency.

Also, in a recent MOZ conference 2022, demonstrated how long-tail keywords drive the majority of traffic because short-tail one's trigger featured snippets, snippets are great for brand awareness, but long-tail Arabic keywords are easier to rank and have fewer ads!

Furthermore, searchers are asking more complex questions to Google, and Google, with the new Passage indexing, is able to provide more accurate answers for such queries, satisfy searchers' intent by creating long-form content, and increase your Arabic website E-A-T, Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

Types to find high Arabic Keywords searching

There are many distinct sorts of AdWords and SEO keywords, and we can't lump them all together because they serve diverse purposes.

Some keywords are more specific than others, some are longer than others, and user intent varies according to term type.

Best free Arabic SEO Keywords SERP Tools 

Chrome extensions with regional filters are another amazing tactic our Arabic SEO Experts utilize; there are limitless extensions to maintain in your SEO armory.


 Keyword Surfer is a completely free plugin that displays search volume directly in Google search results.

SEO Minion: 

assists you with everyday SEO activities such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview, and others.

Keyword Finder:

If you're searching for a keyword tool that's simple to use, especially for beginners, KWFinder might be a good choice. It includes a host of handy features, which we discuss in depth in our KWFinder review below.

Arforbes keyword planner

Find the Best Arabic Keyword Research Tools to help you find the right keywords to get more traffic  Arforbes Free Keyword Planner Tool Hundreds of free keyword Planner Tool suggestions for Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon, along with monthly search volumes and Keyword Generator Tool Difficulty ratings, are generated.

Keywords Lockup:

is a free Google Chrome Extension that displays the monthly Search Volume of keywords. SEOs may immediately determine the Keyword Search Volume, CPC, and AdWords Difficulties.


For a digital marketer, the opposite side of the SEO matrix looks like this: in-depth data and analysis are the greatest Arabic SEO tools; nothing beats correct insights.

There is no silver bullet to guarantee web rankings, but you can apply best practices, gather all necessary data, and set a keyword map to target achievable goals by testing and practicing on your own, and connect with our SEO consultants to help you set the right goals for your Arabic website.

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