How To Use Google Trends For SEO (update 2023)

 Best Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO & Content Marketing in 2023

Best Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO & Content Marketing in 2023

Google Trends is a very effective tool for keyword research, especially when utilizing advanced search settings that are almost invisible.

Explore the many Google Trends menus and choices to find apparently limitless methods to learn more about term search traffic.

Discover new ways to maximize the effectiveness of one of Google's most important SEO tools.

The Importance of Google Trends

While Google Trends is reliable, it does not provide traffic statistics.
It displays the number of inquiries done as a percentage on a scale of 0 to 100.

Paid SEO tools, unlike Google Trends, give keyword traffic volume figures.

However, such figures are simply approximations based on a combination of internet traffic data providers, Google Keyword Planner, scraped search results, and other sources.

Clickstream data is often derived from anonymized traffic data collected from users of particular pop-up blockers, browser plugins, and free anti-virus software.

The SEO tools then do a computation based on their best prediction of how the data interacts with Google keyword search and visitor volume.

So, although professional SEO tools predict keyword traffic, the data shown by Google Trends is based on real search queries rather than educated guesses.

That is not to say that Google Trends is superior to paid keyword research tools. When combined with paid keyword tools, it is possible to obtain a near-accurate estimate of true keyword search volume.

How to Apply Google Trends for SEO 

1. Compare Keywords to Get More Accurate Data

Google Trends displays a relative traffic depiction on a scale of 0 to 100.

Because the graph is on a scale of zero to one hundred, you can't tell if the trend is reflecting hundreds or thousands of keyword searches.

However, relative figures might be more meaningful when compared to terms with established traffic levels from another search phrase.

One method is to compare keyword search volume to a term whose exact traffic counts are already known, such as through a PPC campaign.

If the keyword volume is really high and you don't have a term to compare, there is another technique to locate a keyword to compare.

It is not necessary for a comparison keyword to be linked. It may be from an entirely other industry or even the name of a popular celebrity.

The generic keyword volume statistics is what matters.

Google Trends Daily Trends is a webpage that displays trending search searches.

This website is valuable since Google offers keyword volumes in figures, such as 100,000+ searches each day, and so on.

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