10 Techniques to Increase Your Blog Traffic In 2024 | AdSense earning

The secret to successful content marketing is growing blog traffic. However, in order to be seen, good material must be in the limelight.

The secret to improving outcomes is drawing in a targeted audience.

There is no secret to increasing appeal. Since there are many strategies to increase the visibility and appeal of your content, it necessitates ongoing work.

Prioritize considering what the audience wants. If your content strategy can accomplish that, there is a substantially higher probability that you will improve traffic.

It's crucial to concentrate on the technical components in addition to responding to audience expectations. When paired with Google optimization, effective social media advertising produces fantastic results.

10 Techniques to Increase Your Blog Traffic In 2024 | AdSense earning

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Top 10 methods to do this in 2024 in this piece.

1. Set up good keyword research 

Keywords are of great importance to content strategy. These phrases show what your audience is searching for on Google. 

Of course, with research comes excitement. From there, writing articles that include these keywords is a direct way to reach users. It is essential to do research to find out what these keywords are. You can do this research using tools like: 

  • SEMrush
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz Keyword Explorer

Overview of SEMrush keywords 

Always try to understand keyword variations. This effort will help create more valuable content that can attract traffic. 

Remember, you should always discover keywords that make sense for your strategy. Otherwise, Google may downrank your content. It is essential to distribute posts related to your niche. 

2. Optimize your content for Google 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is definitely a great tool to increase blog traffic. This is the technical part of the job, just as essential as the effort to create good content. Without optimization, results cannot be maximized. 

First of all, it's important to understand what the most important SEO metrics are, such as on-page SEO and off-page SEO. With this understanding, you should apply them to your content strategy. 

The more you optimize your content, the greater your chances of getting a top spot in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This means your content will be more visible when users search on Google. Optimization is a continuous process. Therefore, establish a habit of monitoring your blog and ensure that it always meets the necessary SEO parameters. 

The same applies to your content. Always write according to Google's optimization standards, including the basics: 

  • Use keywords
  • Link building hierarchy
  • Title hierarchy
  • Scanning capabilities

3. Create a live experience 

The live streaming industry is growing and there's no denying the appeal of this format. 

Users are looking for experiences that offer something unique and engaging, which is exactly what in-person experiences can offer. Additionally, in most of them they can be interacted with in one way or another. 

This is why exploring this market means ensuring that your blog will have high traffic generating engagement through interactions. 

Whenever you have ideas for live experiences, ask yourself if they're really a good fit. Your audience wants to be a part of something that creates real value, in addition to allowing interaction. 

Some of the main formats that can be explored include: 

  1. live blog
  2. Live Q&A
  3. live broadcast
  4. book report. 

4. Produce interactive content 

Interactive content is a great strategy for increasing blog traffic. People are constantly looking for content that they can engage with as more than just a consumer. Most of this content is interesting, some of it is even informative. This interactive format is a great way to create value with high engagement. 

The interactions themselves are much more engaging, attracting more traffic to the content. 

Potential results also depend on how creative the content is. It is essential to provide relevant material in the blog section. With interactive content, it is possible to inform, teach, and create value through tools that provide some support to users. 

Here are some examples of the main types of interactive content: 

  1. quiz
  2. computer
  3. eBooks
  4. Infographics 

5. Create a newsletter 

Newsletters are great tools for providing regular content. Users who subscribe to this list can receive all material published on the blog, in addition to exclusive content. 

So if there is something that interests them in the emails sent then there will be direct traffic to the blog. To make this happen, you need to invest in planning. 

The newsletter should be regular and distributed on certain days of the week. 

Especially when the content is good, audiences who subscribe to your list will look forward to receiving emails. A proper strategy should ensure that the newsletter performs well, delivering what was promised when asking for subscriptions. This way, increasing blog traffic becomes a common thing. 

6. Use a strategic approach 

We are talking about digital marketing channels. Its audience is diverse, including people who already know about your product or service and people who just visited the blog. It's important to think about all stages of the funnel when developing a content strategy. This way you will attract significant traffic, i.e. people at different stages. 

An editorial calendar is essential in this regard. It allows you to determine the schedule for content to be produced and published. 

With this strategic approach, you can increase your blog traffic, nurture these leads, and get them to convert. To do this, it's essential to think about content for all stages of the funnel. 

7. Use optimized images and videos in your content 

Images and videos are essential to making your content richer and more interesting. Users are more likely to engage with a post if there is that visual appeal. 

When it comes to SEO, it is important to ensure that these mediums are optimized to increase overall blog traffic. As for images, some basic parameters must be followed to be optimized. So let's focus on: 

  • use filenames that describe the image; 
  • write subtitles that complement the content and contain keywords; 
  • use alt text descriptions; 
  • limit images to sizes such as 16:9 or 4:3; 
  • reduce the size of the image. 

Video can also have great value in terms of content, and statistics prove that video consumption is constantly increasing. 

So if you want to get a piece of this pie, it's important to optimize your videos with simple edits like: 

use attractive thumbnails (they will appear on the SERP and generate clicks on your links); 

add keywords to video title; 

Use keywords in the video's subtitles or description.

8. Use a catchy title 

A good title will make users want to read the content. So, the more eye-catching you are, the higher your chances of being selected in the SERPs. 

The first parameter that applies to this title is the keyword. This is what will ensure that your content is highlighted in the SERP, giving it a higher chance of being viewed. That's it, you need to come up with an eye-catching approach that creates a desire to view the content. 

Some strategies for a catchy title are: 

  1. propose solutions to solve problems; 
  2. use lists (like what you're reading now!); 
  3. make a bold promise (and keep it); 
  4. be objective about the content to be presented; 
  5. use trigger words (“what,” “how,” “why,” among others). 

Example of a catchy title 

9. Promote your posts on social networks 

Google is not the only source of traffic to your blog. While this is the main one, others are also nuanced, such as social media. Your blog cannot be your only web space. You probably have profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so you need to know how to use them to promote your content. 

Make sure that every time something new is published, it is also published on social media. So, in addition to Google traffic, you also attract people to follow your profile on these platforms. 

10. Create a good backlink strategy 

Backlinks are extremely valuable in increasing blog traffic, and the reason is simple: they attract people who are interested in your content and can become loyal visitors in the future. 

Backlinks are links to your content that appear on other blogs in the same niche. To be effective, backlinks must be placed on websites with authority and credibility. 

When users come across your link while reading quality content, the likelihood of them visiting your page increases significantly. This in turn drives more qualified traffic to your website. It's important to partner with other high-traffic blogs that are authoritative in your industry. Collaborating with such blogs ensures a continuous increase in traffic to your content. 

Without a doubt, it is important to make efforts to increase blog traffic and harness the power of backlinks. 

Final thoughts 

In this blog, you learned that increasing blog traffic depends on strategic efforts. By implementing these 10 techniques, you can achieve remarkable results. Remember, engaging content is the key to attracting more attention to your blog. This is where Writer Access comes into play!

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