Free link analyzer tool - Free Link checker for websites

link analysis tool - Link checker for websites 

This free tool analyzes the internal and outbound anchor links of a webpage. Just enter a URL and check which links a webpage contains.


About Website Links Count Checker

link analyzer tool - Free Link checker for websites

Use this Link Count Checker tool to quickly and easily check the links on your web pages

If you want to count how many outgoing links are on a given page you need this free online tool. Site owners and webmasters must regularly check external links on their pages to ensure the quality of the site.

What's more this tool can help you save money and save yourself the hassle of paying for advertising or link building from less reliable service providers. Using "link farms" (pages or sites that are only used to copy backlinks) is not a good option for search engines Optimized because they have a specialized algorithm that can detect this kind of link building activity. It actually hurts your website instead of helping you optimize it.

Therefore if you are exchanging links it is recommended that you use this link count checking tool as a starting point to remove pages that may damage your site's reputation. You can then do further analysis by manually looking at the relevance of that particular web page.